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Our Network > Professor Brenda Cooper

Dr Brenda Cooper is a highly experienced researcher who has recently moved to the UK from her original home in Cape Town where she is Emeritus Professor at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

As a scholar and researcher on issues associated with theories of language and identity in African and Diasporic fiction she has published extensively (six sole authored books and numerous edited volumes and refereed journal papers). She has also had extensive experience as a research supervisor at both Masters and Doctoral level.

In addition to her previous role as Director of the Centre for African Studies Brenda was instrumental in creating a distinctive 'Programme for the Enhancement of Research Capacity (PERC) at UCT. This initiative had as its vision to foster opportunities for collaborative and cross-disciplinary research across the university. Through PERC Brenda gained experience and created a suite of developmental workshops to help

  • experienced researchers
  • those new to research leadership, and
  • those starting their experience as PhD supervisors.

These workshops are designed to help researchers

  • find the motivation and support to progress partially completed ideas or papers,
  • assist individual researchers in the development of their distinctive academic voice which is alert to both the academic context and is also reader-friendly
  • master the skills and capabilities of effective PhD supervision, particularly in relation to the relationship issues associated with supervision
  • discuss and develop a deeper understanding of the use and value of qualitative methodologies in research particularly in cross-disciplinary working.

Further details of these workshops are now available.

Brenda is now resident in Salford and in addition to her position as an Associate and member of the Ranmore network she also holds a Honorary Researcher position at the University of Manchester.

Her academic credentials include a BA, (UCT), MA, (Birmingham) and PhD, (University of Sussex).

Click here to download a PDF copy of this profile