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Our Network > Professor Ilfryn Price

Ilfryn Price (generally known as If) is a Ranmore Fellow and has been associated with us since our foundation. He is also Professor of Facilities and Innovation Management at Sheffield Business School's Facilities Management Graduate Centre (FMGC) and an Adjunct Professor with the University of Technology, Sydney.

He gained his PhD at Cambridge in 1975, then spent 10 years working with BP in oil exploration including establishing the first 'western' office in Guangzhou China, 6 years management of R&D, and 2 years leading a global project researching and facilitating organisational transformation.

If has been involved with FMGC since 1993 researching aspects of space and organisational performance, through their research networks, MBA students, 9 PhD students and more recently an active cohort of FM DBA candidates, two of whom graduated in 2007. In wider management research and application researches as evolving systems synthesising ideas from organisational memetics and complexity theory. He has been an international writer and speaker on both topics for several years.

He originated the concept of Lean Assets™, arguing that conventional performance measures encourage organisations, including HEIs and hospital trusts to consume far more space than they actually need. He has developed strategic briefs and change facilitation to help organisations find solutions.

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