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Our Network > Steve Woodfield

Steve is a Ranmore Fellow and Senior Researcher in Higher Education Policy and Management at Kingston University which he joined in July 2007. Prior to this move, he spent 5 years as a Research Fellow in the Centre for Policy and Change in Tertiary Education at the University of Surrey. Steve has 12 years experience in the design, management and application of socio-economic, educational, business and consumer, research projects. He has a postgraduate qualification in research methods and he has also worked as a researcher in the market research sector, and in medical education at King's College London.

Steve's current research focuses on leadership and management in UK higher education; internationalisation in higher education (cross-border education; quality assurance; international strategy development; and measuring institutional internationalisation). His most recent research has been on top management teams in higher education (with Tom Kennie) for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and internationalisation in UK higher education for the Higher Education Academy. Steve also undertakes institutional research activities for Kingston University and consultancy activities for other higher education institutions related to internationalisation in higher education.

Steve is also member of the Society for Research in Higher Education (SRHE and the Association of University Administrators (AUA).

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