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Quote markThe Four C Leadership model provides the most comprehensive and practical framework of leadership I have reviewed. There is no hiding place for leaders here.Quote mark
Robert Bolton, Director, KPMG


We are often struck by the gap between the "talk" about leadership reflected in the wave of publications, papers, conferences and seminars, and the "realities" of leadership as experienced by those on the receiving end. Maybe (or because of) the talk on leadership isn't helping us identify the kind of leaders with the mix of wisdom, integrity and character we need to sustain long-term organisational success. What is clear is that the competency frameworks of the kind promoted by Gravy Train Consulting haven't helped.

Working with our partners AMAzure Consulting, we use the Four C leadership framework. This model provides an overarching model to make sense of the variety of different perspectives, addressing:

  • Credibility: the mix of experience, past achievements, social poise and authority that establishes leadership legitimacy.
  • Capability: six skills which enable individuals to take on the problems and challenges facing the organisation; the talents that manage the tasks and processes of leadership life.
  • Character: Integrity, Resilience and Distinctiveness, the fundamental inner qualities, principles and ethics which shape a full understanding of the role of leadership and what is required to operate effectively.
  • Career Management: the deployment of self-management skills and the tactics of political management and organisational influence to survive and thrive in an uncertain leadership world.

For further information on how to access and use this 360 feedback process please contact us on 01483 283040 or by email to

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