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Wicked Workshops

Higher Education Workshops

We deliver a wide range of in-house programmes tailored to the needs of particular clients. Some typical examples might include the following elements

Strategy Development and Scenario Planning

  • Key principles and practices which will help you to develop your ability to respond to a changing external environment.

Financial Management

  • Understanding the mysteries of institutional and unit (Faculty or School) level financial statements.
  • In addition we also provide training which focuses on commercial understanding in an HE context.

Leading Academics

  • We offer a range of programmes on a wide range of leadership skills tailored to the HE context, including
    • Motivating high performers
    • Delegation
    • Talent and performance management
    • Negotiating and influencing skills
    • Dealing with difficult people

Leading Change

  • Techniques to aid the delivery of your strategy and ensure the successful implementation of your plans.

Developing Key Clients and Stakeholders

  • Who are the relationships which are of most importance to your future success?
  • How do you identify them and manage them effectively?

Employee Engagement & Commercial Understanding

  • Developing the knowledge, capacities and confidence to win, negotiate and deliver HE services as part of an employee engagement agenda or to enhance third stream income through CPD and Knowledge Transfer activities.