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Wicked Workshops

Professional Services > Leadership and Management Skills for Young Professionals

The mini alternative to an MBA for young professionals

Designed for professionals who are keen to enhance their business performance and gain new management knowledge and skills.

These RICS matrics approved workshops consist of a two day intensive course looking at leadership skills for young professionals followed by 4 half-day workshops looking at management skills for young professionals.

The workshops are designed to illustrate how to apply the recently published RICS Practice Management Guidance Notes. By attending one or all of the events you will gain access to a wealth of practical tips and techniques to enhance the performance of your practice, or your team, within a larger firm or public sector department.

Who Should Attend?

Chartered surveyors from any professional discipline who have some team leadership responsibilities and/or increasing involvement in client management or winning business. The workshops are relevant to those working in:

  • Private practices
  • In-house within a business
  • Government departments, or
  • Other public sector bodies.

The content will also be of potential value to those working in allied professional disciplines such as:

  • Commercial and residential property practices
  • Architectural practices
  • Engineering consultancies, and
  • Town planning consultants, among others.

Leadership Skills for Young Professionals

This two day course will enable participants to:

Understand the concept of leadership and its application in the surveying profession. Gain some self insight into their personal team leadership style and preferences using the Team Management Profiling system.

Develop skills in providing feedback to others in order to resolve difficult interpersonal issues within a team.

Practise specific leadership actions (motivation, delegation and communication) and offer the opportunity to discuss other team leadership issues of most relevance and interest to the group.

Day 1
Leadership Principles and Practice

Designed for young professional managers and leaders. Day one will look at:

  • What does effective management and leadership look like? Is it different in asurveying business?
  • Team leadership in practice and team working
  • Leadership models
  • Delegation and performance challenges.

Day 2
Key Leadership Skills: Performance Management, Motivation and Communication

Day two will look at:

  • Practical tips to help deal with difficult people and performance management issues
  • Motivation: concepts and application
  • Identify and discuss current performance and leadership challenges
  • Planning and personal development planning.

Management Skills for Young Professionals

Workshop 1
Getting Your Focus Right: Developing a Strategy and Business Plan

An interactive workshop session to enable you to gain insights into the concepts of business planning and developing a strategy for a firm or business unit.

  • How can you prepare your firm/department for the future?
  • What is 'strategy'?
  • How can you differentiate your firm/department from the others?
  • What is a business plan?
  • How can you and your team learn and innovate faster?

Workshop 2
Getting Your Profits Right: Managing Finance

Using PROFSIM™, a Ranmore business simulation you will have the opportunity to explore, in a highly interactive manner, the dynamics of a professional practice and sensitivity test a number of 'what-if' scenarios.

  • What are the key drivers affecting profitability in a professional practice?
  • How do you tell which clients or services are actually making you most money?
  • How can the finances of the practice be computer simulated in order to improve your profits?
  • How can you integrate all of your practice management effort to maximise profitability?

Workshop 3
Getting Your Reputation Right: Marketing

This workshop involves looking at a range of sources to identify what approaches and tactics will lead you to winning more business ? and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

  • How can you make the right strategic choices to maximise the returns from your marketing investment?
  • How do you target prospects and influence new clients to buy more services?

Workshop 4
Client Service and Client Relationship Management

This workshop will explore the different working relationships between customers and clients and identify who your key customers are.

  • How do clients judge the service provided by professionals ? and how can you enhance your service delivery?
  • How can you develop a practically useful approach to client relationship management and avoid some of the most common pitfalls when introducing (or reinvigorating) a programme of this type?

The Trainer: Dr Tom Kennie FRICS MBA

"If you don't have a competitive advantage...don't compete"

"I know half my marketing investment is wasted, the trouble is I don't know which half"

"Achieving long term sustainable and growing profitability is more than just budgeting and billing."

Tom is the founding director of Ranmore Consulting. He is a practising management consultant and chartered surveyor. Tom works across the professions (inc. surveying, law, IT and management consultancy).

Tom specialises in facilitating strategy workshops for senior teams, implementing client relationship management programmes, leadership and executive coaching.