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Wicked Workshops

Professional Services > How to Lead a Profitable Professional Practice

Six half-day workshops

  • Why do some firms succeed - and others fail?
  • What can you learn from other professional sectors?
  • And how can chartered surveyors get that competitive advantage?

How to manage a profitable professional practice

Designed for successful professionals who are keen to enhance their business performance and gain nee management knowledge and skills, this set of six half-day workshops is based on the new RICS Practice Management Guidance Notes.

Everyone's invited

Whether you are an experienced partner/director, a manager in the public sector, new to management or simply interested in developing your business skills, you will find the workshops of direct benefit.

Chartered surveyors, property lawyers and accountants, in fact and interested professionals from a wide background of sectors are welcome, including:

  • Commercial and residential property practices
  • Architectural practices
  • Engineering consultancies, and
  • Town planning consultants, among others.

Workshop Content

Workshop 1 Getting your focus right: developing a business strategy for your practice

An interactive workshop session to help you to gain insights into current strategic thinking - and how to apply these lessons to your firm/department.

  • How can you prepare your firm/department for the future?
  • What is 'strategy'
  • How can you differentiate your firm/department from the others?
  • Can benchmarking be of value?
  • How can you collaborate and complete at the same time? And above all
  • How can you and your team learn and innovate faster?

Workshop 2 Getting your profits right: managing practice finance

Using PROFSIM™, a Ranmore business simulation you will have the opportunity to explore, in a highly interactive way, the dynamics of a professional practice and sensitivity test a number of 'what-if' scenarios.

  • What are the key drivers affecting profitability in a professional practice?
  • How do you tell which clients or services are actually making you most money?
  • How can the finances of the practice be computer simulated in order to improve your profits?
  • How can you integrate all of your practice management effort to maximise profitability?

Workshop 3 Getting your existing clients service levels right through client relationship management (CRM)

  • Who are your key clients and how can you manage these critical relationships?
  • How do clients judge the service provided by you and your team - and how can you enhance your service delivery?
  • How can you develop a practical approach to CRM?
  • What tools and techniques can you use to enhance your understanding of your clients?
  • How might you handle a difficult client relationship issue?
  • How can you avoid some of the most common pitfalls when introducing (or re-invigorating) a CRM programme within your firm?

Workshop 4 Getting your reputation right - winning new business through marketing and business development

  • How can you make the right strategic choices to maximise the returns from your marketing investment?
  • How do you target prospects and influence new clients to buy more services?
  • How can you analyse a prospects business?
  • How do you manage a business development meeting for maximum impact?
  • What are the pitfalls of pitching? And how can you avoid these?

Workshop 5 Getting your people right: leadership of the professional service firm

Through case studies and discussions the process of leading and leadership will be demystified

  • What approaches are most effective when leading professionals?
  • How can you motivate and 'herd your cats'?
  • What are the 'unwritten rules' that govern behaviour in your practice?
  • How can you develop your team's capabilities to lead?

Workshop 6 Getting the change process right: managing the transition

Practical tools and tactics to make change happen - and sustainable.

Often considered as an afterthought, but how well you lead and manage change can be vital to the integration of all of the previous activities.

  • What practical steps help and which hinder effective change management?
  • How are your fellow partners/directors and staff likely to react to change?
  • How do you manage resistance to change?