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We work with several partners with whom we have a particularly strong relationship.

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AM Azure Consulting

AM Azure is our partner in personal and organisational diagnostics. In collaboration with Azure we have developed a range of products tailored to the higher education and professional services sectors. These products range from 360 feedback to personal leadership development and organisational development.
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Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

The Leadership Foundation for HE is a national body established in 2003 to develop the leadership capacity and capabilities of leaders, at all levels, in the higher education sector. We work in partnership with the LF-HE on the delivery of its flagship Top Management Programme, bespoke in-house leadership programmes and through its research activities.
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Waverley Management Consulting

Waverley is our preferred partner for major scenario planning projects.
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The Training Gateway

The Training Gateway is our partner in relation to connecting our business and commercial skills training into the HE sector and subsequently into helping UK HE compete nationally and internationally in the growing market for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). If you have not yet viewed this site have a look, some very useful links into the HE sector, highly topical news and a range of interesting CPD business opportunities. Ranmore have recently been selected to deliver a Commercial Skills Development Programme for members of the Gateway.
RAND (Europe)
RAND (Europe)

RAND Europe is an independent not-for-profit public-policy research institute that helps to improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. The RAND Europe team has extensive experience of evaluating the impact of research and has worked across a range of sectors and disciplines, including the biomedical sciences, the social sciences and humanities, international research evaluation practices, education and health systems. We recently formed a joint working relationship to assist universities prepare for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) - and in particular the identification of research impact. For more information, see and download the file below:

RAND and Ranmore REF Impact finder - Outline March 2011 (PDF file)
Burnish Writing
Burnish Writing

A partner who supports our work with higher education is burnishwriting.

Burnish writing help develop writing skills. Support can be provided by attending a workshop or can be delivered in house within an institution. Further details can be found by downloading the file below:

Innovative Approaches to Developing Research Capacity and Outputs (PDF file)