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Serious Simulations


How would you cope with significant under-recruitment of students? What could you do to improve the performance of an underperforming academic department?

How do you balance the conflicting demands of critical capital investment projects? How do you ensure a positive cash flow during the year?

At last - a tool exists to help you understand the impact of your management decisions before making them.

HESIM is a sophisticated, interactive, computer based model of a Higher Education Institution (HEI). Designed to be flexible, it can be set up to match a particular university. It has been used to simulate the workings of a number of institutions, with income ranging from ?60m to ?300m, research intensive or teaching intensive.

HESIM simulates the key features of an HEI - its staffing structure, its academic and service departments, its sources of income and its costs; the student profile and debt and capital requirements. HESIM becomes effectively the financial recording system for the institution, showing the impacts of management decisions on its financial health.

HESIM is supported by a flexible portfolio of case study materials, and financial models which enable sensitivity testing and the assessment of capital projects.

HESIM is ideal for helping top and next-level teams to improve their understanding of strategic decision making and finance within the HE sector.

HESIM.DEPT is a further product in the Ranmore toolbox for Higher Education. It enables the simulation of an academic department; staffing structure, student profile, incomes and costs, down to planning the resource needs of the course programmes which are run. It enables decisions to be made about research versus teaching intensity, and allows the generation of commercial income for the department.

HESIM.DEPT is ideal for helping faculty and department heads to experiment with the variables which contribute to departmental performance.

HESIM.ENTREPRENEUR is a model and case study which enables users to business plan and optimise a consulting practice using academic staff. It shows the variables which contribute to financial health and provides a full economic cost for projects which the unit might undertake.

HESIM.ENTREPRENEUR is designed to build business planning and financial understanding of commercial work.

If you want to find out more of Ranmore's HESIM concept contact