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Serious Simulations


What would be the immediate, bottom line impact of changing your charge out rates?

What would happen to your profitability if you increased the number of fee-earners and changed your expenditure on business development activities?

How do you balance the need to encourage individual productivity with the need for team working?

At last - a tool exists to help you understand the impact of your business decisions before making them.

PROFSIM is a sophisticated, interactive, computer based model of a professional practice. Designed to be flexible, it can be set up to reflect a practice of your choosing. From the challenges of managing a 3 to 5 partner firm, those of a 15 to 20 partner firm, to those associated with a 200+ partner, global player, PROFSIM can help.

PROFSIM simulates the key features of a firm - its staffing structure, the prime sources of income and expenditure and the current workload. From this base information a range of interrelationships are created, replicating the real world. For example, the simulation demonstrates the consequences of over utilisation of staff on future marketing success and on the quality of client service.

PROFSIM is designed around the use of the industry standard Microsoft EXCEL software and can be run on a standard PC.

PROFSIM can be used for a range of applications. It can be used:

  • As an aid to the strategic management of your practice - enabling senior managers to simulate the impact of possible management decisions.
  • For business development activities - using the model to understand the financial and management characteristics of prospective clients prior to a tender or pitch to senior decision makers.
  • To help with Partner and senior fee earner development. The realism of PROFSIM creates an ideal learning environment for senior professionals.
  • To enhance team-working - using PROFSIM as part of a Partners' retreat or annual conference.

If you are interested in the PROFSIM concept and you would like to have a demonstration of the model and discuss its application, please contact

Example screen shots coming soon.