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Serious Business Modelling & Simulation

Business ModellingWe help management teams to increase their business understanding, management skills and decision making abilities through running a simulation of their business. The simulation is a close mirror to the real business, and can provide management information in the same form that participants normally receive. Carefully designed financial, marketplace, client and human resource issues will require considered action. These will be based on plausible issues faced by the real organisation. Investment options can also be considered.

These programmes are driven by different versions of our simulation software, each tailored to a specific business sector or to higher education. This provides an accurate financial core model of the organisation, its income, resources and costs, capital investments, funding and cash flows.

Simulation enables management teams to gain a deeper understanding of how their organisation is likely to respond to the decisions they make. It allows them to experiment with different 'what if' scenarios which might face their businesses, and enact difficult the knowledge that ultimately, they are free of real risk!

Having developed its financial modelling capability over many years, we also offers modelling services to our clients:

  • Providing customised versions of its existing financial and business models to clients,
  • Modelling the clients' business by inputting client data into customised models,
  • Creating entirely new financial models to meet specific client requirements.
  • The provision of existing financial models to clients is usually done on an annual license basis, where for a nominal relicensing fee, the client receives a fresh and updated version of their model.

For further details of our sector specific simulations please go to;

PROFSIM - for advisory and consultancy based firms (such as law firms and property advisors), and

HESIM - to reflect the financial and resource management of higher education institutions. Examples of our model of a whole university system (The University of Eastchurch) will be available on this page soon.