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Management Consulting > Performance & Talent Management

Management Consulting

Performance and Talent Management

  • Is probably one of the most important issues facing any intellect business.
  • Is critical aspect of being an effective senior manager.
  • Is central to the long term sustainability of your business/organisation.
  • Is often a much neglected activity.

Performance and Talent Management Workshops

  • Will help you to understand some of the tools and processes which can help you to 'take stock' and assess our current approach to these issues.
  • Will provide a framework to develop your high performers, or on the other hand.
  • Help you to develop your skills when you need to have 'a chat', 'a firm chat', a 'very firm chat' or a disciplinary conversation.
  • Enable you consider the types of capabilities and roles we will need in the future and plan the development processes to deliver them.

This means

  • You will have a more robust and secure pool of talented individuals.
  • You will have a more systematic approach to succession management.
  • Your organisation will gain an enhanced reputation as an 'employer of choice'.


Strategic HR Planning - to consider the people development needs associated with your strategic agenda.

Succession Management - to have a more robust approach to succession into critical roles or in relation to key skills.

Employee Recruitment, Retention and Development - to develop your reputation as an 'employer of choice'.