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Management Consulting

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Is a process of identifying and understanding the needs of those relationships which are critical to your future success of you business/organisation.
  • Our approach to the process is based on a tried and tested structured methodology.
  • To aid the process we have developed a flexible and adaptable 'CRM Toolkit' which provides a framework for approaching the challenge.

CRM Workshops

  • Will provide a structured means of identifying key clients/stakeholders.
  • Will facilitate conversations which will encourage the sharing of critical intelligence about your key relationships - and potentially identify new opportunities.
  • Enable you to prepare for key meetings and understand how to respond to a range of different situations which may arise.

This means

  • You will have a more coordinated approach to your business development activities.
  • You will be better prepared for changes in the external environment which could impact on your activities with a key contact.
  • You will gain an enhanced understanding of what makes those with whom you interact 'tick' - individually and collectively.


Business Development - to refine your current approach to developing new business.

Risk Management - to develop approaches which will limit your exposure and enable you to respond to changing business conditions.

Analysis - to provide a framework which will enable you to obtain feedback from your key clients and also identify new opportunities to build your current activities.