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Management Consulting

Our Values

To help guide us in our work with clients we have established the following set of values.

  • We are committed to making a difference to our client's business - our success only exists if you succeed
  • We don't offer you 'quick-fix, magic bullet ' solutions - we will, however, provide lateral, innovative thinking to complement your ideas
  • We believe in practising what we preach - we are passionate about service quality and to understanding our clients' business
  • We prefer to work in partnership with client teams - ultimately we believe in helping you become self-sufficient
  • We believe in, and are committed to, our own personal development and invest heavily in personal and professional learning
  • We apply high ethical standards in our business and to all of the services we provide to our clients

Our Approach

We listen to your specific issues and then work with you to deliver practical solutions to organisational challenges.

Whether it is a structural, cultural or wider leadership challenge, we believe our experience will be of value.

Our consultants cover a wide range of skills, and we have access to proven tools and methodologies that can be used to meet your requirements.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Strategy Development
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Talent Management
  • Financial Modelling

We work closely with top teams to help them plan for the development of their business.

In addition to enabling their strategy planning to be comprehensive, creative and structured, we use a range of analytic tools available to assist;

The relationship with a top team can be a one-off intervention to assist with a single process such as the development of a strategic plan; or can be an on-going relationship with coaching and training interventions for the team.