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What makes us different?

'enhancing the performance of knowledge based organisations' - more than just a strapline we see this as what makes us different.

We aim to identify the real needs you have, not only by responding to your analysis but also by offering our own diagnosis where this is helpful. What is the performance improvement you are really seeking to enhance?

We also bring considerable knowledge of the sectors in which we specialise. We're not generalists, we're sector specialists.

We also invest time and funds in research and development to maximise our impact. We view ourselves as practitioners in the intellect business as well as advisors and leadership developers to such organisations.

Some of our people

Our leadership and organisational development work is led by Dr Tom Kennie (BSc, MAppSci, MBA, FRICS, CIPD). Tom brings expertise from direct experience of working in both the professional service and higher education sectors. Further career and consulting experience can be found at Dr Tom Kennie's bio details.

Chris Ward (BA, MBA, MBIM MIPD) leads on the business modelling and simulation side of our activities. He also runs a wide variety of skills workshops for clients. Chris brings expertise from working in big plcs and in the professional services sector . Further career and consulting experience can be found at Chris Ward's bio details.

Corinne Waring manages our consultancy support. With experience of planning and managing projects for numerous clients she brings an unflappable ability to deal with complex issues.

Ranmore also has a network of Associates and Partners with other individuals and consulting firms.

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