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The following files are available to download.

New papers on Disruptive Innovation & HE

Strategy & Scenarios

Looking for an overview of different approaches to strategic planning? You might find this paper of interest. Co-authored with Professor If Price.
Strategic Planning - The Future is in Your Head (PDF file)
What can we learn from the past which might inform our thinking about the impact of unpredictable changes in the future. This short article emphasises how quickly the external envirnoment can change - and how dramatic those changes can be.
Rhyolite and Other Doomsday Scenarios (PDF file)
This paper illustrates how the technique of scenario planning might be applied to the proprty sector. Written with John Ratcliff of the Dublin Instituute of Technology it reports on a project where a number of scenarios were developed.
Global Real Estate Futures (PDF file)
What might be some of the medium to longer term scenarios which could face small to medium sized surveying practices? How might the technique of scenario planning be of value?
Scenarios for Surveying Firms (PDF file)
Looking a quick overview of alternative approaches to strategic planning in the higher education sector? Look no further.
Strategic Planning in Higher Education (PDF file)

Leadership & Top Teams

With due acknowledgement to the Bard he offers some interesting insights into the potential career transitions which the modern Managing Partner might face in his or her career. So whether you are an existing Managing Partner, considering taking on such a
Career Transitions for Managing Partners (PDF file)
Where are you on your career journey? What are some of the more common transition points for Managing Partners? What are some of the tell tale signs that might cause you to pause for further thought?
Your Career as You Like It (PDF file)
Why do some academics react negatively to some aspects management? What can you do to demonstrate the value of effective management and leadership in a HE context?
Management in Higher Education - Is it Really That Necessary? (PDF file)
What characterises team working at the top of the organisation? This paper examines some aspects of this in the context of higher education.
The Fact and Fiction of Top Team Leadership (PDF file)
This paper reports some interim findings from a recent study into the composition and challenges facing top teams in higher education.
Top Team Structures in HE (PDF file)
A new leadership framework focusing on the concept of leadership wisdom
Seven Pillars of Wisdom (PDF file)
A series of key lessons to consider when introducing a new approach to succession management.
Succession Management (PDF file)
A study of the long term impact of succession management on organisational success.
Succession Management (PDF file)

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

What are some of the practical steps involved in introducing a more strategic approach to CRM? This article written with a client offers case study on some good practice.
CRM - Investing in Clients (PDF file)
Looking for a different way to examine how well you are managing your relationship with your key clients? This short piece on the ise of Edward De Bono's Six Thinkng Hats framework might be on interest.
CRM and Six Thinking Hats (PDF file)
What are some of the skills required to really gain benefit from your investment in client management? This perspective from a client might offer some insights.
Developing CRM Skills (PDF file)
What do you need to focus on to ensure you are implementing a really integrated approach to CRM? Our 10 C's framework offers some suggestions.
CRM - The 10 C's (PDF file)
Whare are you on your journey to create a really effective approach to client management? Test your perceptions against our three level model.
CRM - Climbing up the ladders (PDF file)
How do you avoid investing in a client care training process which does not add real value? This paper and the second in the series offer some suggestions.
Client Care Training - Part 1 - Avoiding the Common Pitfalls (PDF file)
How well is your current CRM system operating? Might it be time to 'take stock' and do a quick audit of its effectiveness. If so you might find this article of interest.
CRM - Is it Working (PDF file)
In an increasingly price competitive environment how can you use exemplary client service to differentiate your firm? what type of service brand do you believe would make you sufficiently distinctive in your different practice areas?
Differentiation through Client Care (PDF file)

Finance & Business Modelling

How do you judge whether a piece of work is profitable? What is the full economic cost of a project? This paper offers an easy to understand introduction to this somewhat more complex issue.
Costing and Pricing Professional Projects (DOC file)

Practice Management

What are some of the key issues you might need to consider as you start your management career? What are the demands others will place on you and how should you respond?
Key Questions for Leaders of Professional Practices (PDF file)
How do professional practices evolve? What are some of the more common stages of transition? How do you move through the stages smoothly and how should you management structures evolve in order to adapt to the different stages of growth.
Ten Ages of Partnership (PDF file)
The Practice Management Guidelines were originally developed following a research project involving 10 small to medium sized surveying practices. A 2nd edition followed in 2003. Co-authored by Dr Tom Kennie and Professor If Price.
RICS Practice Management Guidelines - 1st Edition (PDF file)
This 2nd edition of the RICS Practice Management Guidelines includes new case study and reference material. Whilst oriented towards the surveying profession we believe the material is also relevant to professional practices of all disciplines.
RICS Practice Management Guidelines - 2nd Edition (PDF file)

Case Studies

A case study which highlights the challenges facing a new Managing Partner as they grapple with the issues they confront in their early days leading a newly merged enterprise. What are the challenges and how might a coach be of value?
Coaching Case Study - Part 1 (PDF file)
Follows our newly appointed Managing Partner as they move beyond the first 100 days into the challenges of developing and implementing their new strategy.
CoAching Case Study - Part 2 (PDF file)


What is Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and how is it changing? What are some of the practical implications for HR and learning and development professionals?
CPD (PDF file)
How do you avoid a Performance and Development Review (PDR) discussion turning into a Paper Filling Destructive Ritual?
PDR - Paper Filling Destructive Ritual (PDF file)


Feedback from judges of the THES 2007 Award for Leadership Development
Aberdeen and Ranmore THES Award (DOC file)
How effective are your current processes for manging your key clients? Whare are you on the journey towards a really strategic approach? You might want to evaluate your perception against our simple three level framework.
Key to client satisfaction (, April 2008) (PDF file)
How effective is your top team working? Where might be your weak spots - and what can you do about it?
Team of your dreams (, February 2008) (PDF file)
A key leadership capacity is that ability to stand back and take stock of how effective you and your team are working. This short piece highlights the importance of helicipering.
Working by helicopter (, January 2008) (PDF file)

Research & Development

This is the final report to the Leadership Foundation for HE which summarises the findings and analysis from a 2 year study into the issues facing top teams in the UK higher education sector. It is also of value we believe to top teams in other sector of
Top Teams Final Research Report (PDF file)

Rants & Raves

Our first rant is a call for action by professional firms to engage and educate your young fee earners about the economics of running your firm. Catch them young.
TELL 'EM HOW IT IS: Briefing Fee Earners on Partnership and Financial Performance (PDF file)