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who are we?

Founded in 1997 we are in the intellect business.

Over this period we've worked with over 150 law firms, property and construction advisory practices, management consultancies, universities, research councils, professional bodies and 'think tanks' to help enhance their performance.

We specialise in developing the business capacity and skills of those who lead and manage intellect businesses, principally professional service firms, universities and other knowledge based organisations.
Ranmore, working in partnership with the University of Aberdeen were winners of the 2007 Times Higher Education 'Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development' award for their work on the design and delivery of their International Leadership Development Programme (ILDP).

creative clients

Our client base covers a wide range of organisations ranging from;

what we do

Whether it's
  • Coaching a new CEO or senior executive to become even more confident at responding to the challenges of leading the organisation, or
  • Working with a top team to develop their collective leadership capacities, or
  • Developing the leadership & business skills of people in strategy development, financial management, business development, people management and client management, or
  • Facilitating a meaningful off-site workshop to address real organisational challenges, or
  • Creating a tailored business model which simulates your organisation,
...we believe we can add real value to your in-house expertise.

news & views

really useful R&D

We routinely undertake relevant research and development studies to underpin our consulting and leadership development activities. We also regularly identify R&D from other sources.

Our latest research report is

rants & raves

What's irritating us and why?